Parscom Group is one of the leading Corporation is engaging in domestic trading, import/export,  and overseas trading of various products in Cosmetic, FMCG, Plastics, General Products, Technology and  as well as business investments in Turkey and overseas.

Parscom Group will always be known for our ability to imagine new, customer-centric ways to incorporate market needs into products,for our wealth of experience and broad depth of knowledge, for our strong sense of professionalism, and our ability to take quick and decisive action with our never stops passion

Parscom Group has a strength in the consumer related sector and the Cosmetic is one of the core business and have taken the initative in almost every cosmetic related field to continonuously create innovative new business models all around the global world.

Our Cosmetic Division aims to propel the development of RE-Inventing Business by leveraging these existing strenghths while also developing dexterous business partnerships, constructing new business models, deepening our value chain and responding rapidly to the social changes that accompany technological advances via our Technology Division such as our software, IoT and Business Intelligence Solutions

Our FMCG Division aims to supply to all around the world great products from  the rich Turkey Heritage with a sharpened focus and entrepreneurial spirit. We’re transforming the way we operate to fulfill what consumers and customers want, in a smart, simple way. We’re modernizing our products , leveraging fresh opportunities and adapting to a changing landscape – all with a culture that’s ready to capture growth and drive all our supply chain value. We are focused on our Consumer First strategy, which means deeply understanding the needs and lives of our consumers and moving quickly to meet those needs with our broad portfolio of brands. We will always serve the world by making products people love.

Our Plastic Recycle Divison can deliver turnkey processes, seeking a balance between the specific demand of the customer and the most convenient source for supply, in combination with affordable, sustainable and, minimum operational cost to reach for our clients. Experience and an expended international network, allows Parscom to supply , help and support about the various aspects of day-to-day recycling business for our valuable business partners. Our whole business system designed to be environmentally and friendly We can therefore supply huge quantities of high quality recycled plastic materials such as PP, PE, PET, PS and ABS from the global market as your business partner


Ever since our founding, we have always blended science and art. Going forward, we will continue to adopt, adapt and fuse technology with creativity to inspire new and unique value. We will always grown in concert with you all as we continue to tackle challenges, unafraid of risks



Adapt a big-picture perspective.

Deliver new values through creativity.

Create a culture that celebrates success.